Thursday, December 26, 2019

Penelope the dog wins fans for her ridiculous smile

Meet Penelope, a dog with a truly ridiculous smile.

Penelope, from Gardner, Kansas, has a strange quirk that means her cheeks get tucked in her mouth, giving her a goofy grin.

Her owner, Kayla Harvey, has shared captured plenty of photos of Penelope’s smile, winning her loads of fans online.

Kayla said: ‘Penelope is an incredibly silly and quirky girl.

‘She was a puppy the first time I saw her smile.

‘Sometimes when she looks down her little cheeks get stuck tucked under like that.

‘I see it happen the most when she is super intrigued by something, or when she is getting a good scratching session and she is feeling kind of blissed out.’

Mother-of-four Kayla, who is chronically ill, says Penelope has helped her get through many tough days with her smiles, ever since she got her as a puppy.

Kayla said: ‘I was not looking to get a puppy, I was thinking an older dog as I didn’t think I could handle a puppy, with my health.

‘But then I came across Penelope.

‘She and I fell in love instantly and became inseparable and are now together 99% of the time.

‘She seems to be able to sense when I’m not feeling well and cuddles up with me for hours on end.

‘On days when I’m in a lot of pain and smiling doesn’t come easy, she can make me laugh with her silly antics and expressions.’

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